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EmuCR: snes9xTYLSnes9xTYL Mod (2017/10/23) are released. snes9xTYLmecm(/cm) is a Snes Emulator for PSP.

Snes9xTYL Mod Changelog:
Added support for Far East of Eden - Tengai Makyou Zero english translation.
Important: Make sure to backup your SAVES and/or S9XTYLSAVES folders just in case something goes wrong.
Note: Some games run faster if "Ignore Palette writes" and/or "Simple Palette writes" are enabled on MISC->Hack/debug menu.
s9xTYLcm version is mean to be used on PSVita with Adrenaline, eCFW ARK, VHBL, etc. It works on PSP too but is slower than s9xTYLme version.
s9xTYLme version uses Media Engine for sound emulation and is faster than s9xTYLcm. It is not compatible with PSVita.

Download: Snes9xTYL Mod (2017/10/23)
Source: Here

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