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Snesclassic.Dualboot v0.3 is released. Snesclassic.Dualboot is a quick tool to convert an NES Classic firmware dump into a HMOD file to be installed via hakchi2 onto a SNES Classic. Once installed, you will have a menu item to switch to the NES Classic Menu, and another to switch back from the NES Classic Menu to the SNES Classic menu. In NES mode, all features of the original NES Classic work as expected (save states, screen filters, GUI, etc.).

Snesclassic.Dualboot v0.3 changelog:
2017/10/14 hotfix: This release, in addition to bringing the fixes from v0.2, should now be fully compatible with the newest version of hakchi2 (v2.21d as of writing). Game sync on 2.21c/2.21d should no longer cause C7 issues on NESC game boot.

Download: Snesclassic.Dualboot v0.3

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  1. SO.. can you still add more roms to the systems once it is dual boot or no?


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