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SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.2 is released. SPC/AT emulates older X86 computers including 386, 486, 586, and 686 with processor speeds of 8 - 133 Mhz and memory sizes of 1 - 512 MB.

SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.2 Changelog
- Several WIP chipsets are activated (PCI/AGP):
* i865 (P4);
* 440BX/LX/FX (PIII/II/Pro);
* 430TX/VX/HX/FX (PMMX/P1,K6/K5).
For information about them search internet by chipset/MB (using "440BX P2B-F" etc.).
- Two 2D accelerators (from Virge family) are activated for chipset testing purposes.

Download: SPC/AT Emulator v0.98.2
Source: Here

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