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XM7dash V1.2L77aR36/V2.9L77aR36/V3.4L77aR37 are released. XM7' is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7dash Changelog:
Corrected the SFD step rate in V1 to those of Clk-2mhz (SFD) that were supposed to be Clk-1mhz (MFD).
Added hidden option unpatchrom to INI file unofficial. When enabled, disables all patches and runs with the ROM as it is.
Note 1) When enabled for V1, the reset vector will also remain in the Rom file, so the trailing 2 bytes will not start with a boot ROM that is not $ FE, not $00
Note 2) When you enable the V2/v3, when you start in the old model mode using the initiator ROM of the successor model, it may not work properly to try to use the features that can not be used. In addition, if you use the FM77AV20/40 or later initiator ROM in fm77av mode, some software may be able to boot from drive # 1
Supports single-density track lights without gap0/SYNC/im in V1 (Thanks for gimons)
Implemented the access indicator light protect indicator for the bubble holder unit in V1
Fixed a bug that the Dmac sub-window does not update in V1 FM mode.
Fixed a bug that Dmac was not functioning in V2 FM77AV20EX mode (Thanks for Ryu Takegami)
Fixed a bug that the DMAC register was unable to read part in V3 FM77AV20EX/40EX mode (Thanks for Ryu Takegami)

Download: XM7dash V1.2L77aR37/V2.9L77aR37/V3.4L77aR37
Source: Here

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