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EmuCR: WiiUCemu v1.11.0c is released. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

Cemu v1.11.0c Changelog:
# New in 1.11.0c:

coreinit: Fixed a rare memory corruption bug that caused FSOpenFileAsync() to fail on valid files

# New in 1.11.0b:

general: Fixed a bug that made it impossible to enable online mode
coreinit: Fixed a problem where save files would sometimes not be detected by a game

# New in 1.11.0:

general: Added support for native online play for games that use NEX (requires otp, seeprom, account data and certificates dumped from a Wii U)
general: Updated game profiles
general: Added "streamoutBufferCacheSize" game profile option
general: Added "extendedTextureReadback" option (fixes Pikmin 3 and possibly other games, credits and thanks @ epigramx for the finding)
general: Added "threadQuantum" game profile option to control amount of virtual PPC cycles executed per thread time slice
general: Updates and dlcs can be now installed (but not downloaded) more conveniently via Cemu's UI. File -> Install game update or DLC -> select the meta.xml in the meta folder of the update
general: Added logging option for socket API

PPC/Interpreter: Fixed a bug in PSQ_L* instruction that caused the second value to be extended with the incorrect sign bit
PPC/Interpreter: Minor optimizations in PSQ_L* instructions
PPC/Interpreter: Added instruction PS_CMPU0
PPC/JIT: Move instructions that affect CR closer to conditional jumps so we can cache CR in x64 flags register (optimization for loops and branch heavy functions)

coreinit: Rewritten ExpHeap, MBlock MEMList, SpinLock code
coreinit: Rewrote MEMInitBlockHeap, MEMCreateFrmHeapEx, MEMCreateUnitHeapEx to match the new internal memory structures
coreinit: Added API MEMDestroyUnitHeap, MEMDestroyBlockHeap, IOS_Ioctlv, OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_Acquire,
OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_Release, OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_TryAcquire, OSUninterruptibleSpinLock_TryAcquireWithTimeout,
IM_GetParameter, IMGetAPDPeriod

input: Deadzone is normalized correctly now and should be the same for xinput and directinput devices
input: Fixed calibrating for certain directinput devices
input: Fixed a bug that caused controllers not to appear in the device list after click the refresh button

nn_save: New save library implementation
Using the correct save path: /mlc01/usr/save/... (instead of /mlc01/emulatorSave/..)
Cemu will automatically migrate old saves to the new location (if user confirms a message box)
Create meta files that identify a save (iconTex.tga, meta.xml, saveinfo.xml)
The new implementation also covers more nn_save API

nn_acp: Added API ACPUpdateSaveTimeStamp, ACPCheckApplicationDeviceEmulation, GetUtcOffset, GetUtcOffsetEx

nn_boss: Added support for reading BOSS storage (mlc/usr/boss/)

nn_sysnet: Added API mw_socket, shutdown, inet_pton, recvfrom_ex, sendto, sendto_multi

Iosu: Implemented crypto and account modules

zLib: Added API deflateInit2_, deflateBound, deflate, deflateEnd

GX2: Added support for data-merging of BC3 and BC4 textures with matching integer formats
GX2: If supported, use AVX2 to decode 16bit indices
GX2: Optimized tiling aperature
GX2: Fixed a bug where the pixel shader decompiler would ignore the current state of geometry shader outputs and instead use the outputs of the vertex stage
GX2: Various smaller optimizations

AX: Fixed crash caused by buffer overflow when the samplerate ratio of a voice was very low
AX: Fixed a crash bug in biquad filter
AX: Added API AXGetAuxCallback

Download: Cemu v1.11.0c
Source: Here

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