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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Memory Engine v0.3.0 Beta is released. A RAM search specifically made to search, track, and edit the emulated memory of the Dolphin emulator at runtime. The primary goal is to make research, tool-assisted speedruns, and reverse engineering of GameCube & Wii games more convenient and easier than with the alternative solution, Cheat Engine. Its name is derived from Cheat Engine to symbolize that.

Dolphin Memory Engine Changelog
Adds a CSV exporter for the watuch list (accessible in File -> Export as CSV... What is written is the label, the address with their respective offsets if any and the type. Can be opened easilly using standard spreadsheets softwares.
Tons of UI imprvements including, but not limited to: avoid sporadic jumps of the UI whenever something changes dynamically, better alignement and spacing, basically, it's a decent UI now :)
Changed the default width and the order of the watch list's columns. This is done to better reflect what the size of the columns should be, some aren't resizable anymore since they are expoected to have their content not take more space. Basically, it avoids having to resize them all the time when opening a dmw file.
Add the ability to hide/show the scanner portion, this is accessible in the new View menu.
Prevent the use of the Go to MEM2 button int he viewer when MEM2 is disabled, it wouldn't have done anything, but now, it's more clear that it won''t do anything.
Fix a bug where the Save as.... option wouldn't necessarly put the dmw extension, now it ensure it will have it.
Fix a bug where right clicking on string type watch entries wouldn't pop the context menu.
Fix a compatibility issue with Dolphin 5.0-5728 or newer on Linux

Download: Dolphin Memory Engine v0.3.0 Beta

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