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GameLoader ALL RH 287 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
- Due to a wonderful patch of ducon 2016, KOF Mira now works on Windows 10.* Although KOF Mira was started for the first time in a while, some problems were occurring and it was fixed.* To change the window size, change the "Loader setting 1" tab "Kof Mira window size".* Previously the title bar was displayed in the window mode, but it also corresponded to the non-display of the title bar.When * LoaderMode = 6 is set, the manufacturer logo etc. after the game start is not displayed, but the game seems to work normally.* Prepare patched "game.exe" for Windows 10 yourself please.* Since some internal processing of Loader has been changed, please delete "TTX.ini" in the KOF Mira folder once.- Added "renderer.ini resolution magnification" to ID 6 AA.* Please use "Loader setting 1" tab from "renderer.ini resolution magnification" when using.* The initial value is "1.0" based on the resolution "1360 x 768" of ID 6 AA.* The magnification input value corresponds from "0.0" to "99.9".* If you are using a low-spec PC, it may be slightly lighter by setting it to a numerical value such as "0.5".* Since this function becomes meaningless when using the original "id6_dump_.exe", please use the uploaded "4 - Initial D 6 AA FullHD, UHD (RAR 5). Rar".- Added the function to back up the card data "SBUU_card.bin" of ID 6 AA to "sv folder".* The timing to back up is when Loader is finished* The file name after backup is "SBUU_card (year, month, day, hour, minute, second) .bin".* To restore the backup, please copy "SBUU_card.bin" in "sv folder" after pressing "Open e2prom folder" on "Loader setting 1" tab.· It corresponds to TeknoParrot 1.06.- Error is displayed when idLogger.asi and TeknoParrot.asi are used.* Game Loader causes trouble, so it does not support Plug-in at all)- Fixed a bug that test mode of Exception becomes black screen.- Fixed a bug that the log window might be slightly shifted if "Monitor resolution" was enabled when Loader was started.· Please make Language.ini the default.· Other, fixed defect fixes.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 287

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