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GameLoader ALL RH 290 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
· "Loader Mode = g" has been added as an alternative to the environment where the screen of Giga Wing does not display properly after 288 Loader (Bounty Hunter, Homura (TTX), Shikigami III is also supported).
* Unlike "Loader Mode = y", this "Loader Mode = g" operates in d3 d8 mode to maintain compatibility.
* Since it restricts FPS with the frame limiter, it does not become full speed.
* Please adjust the frame rate and display / hide the frame counter from the "Loader setting 1" tab "Frame limiter".
* To switch the validity / invalidity of anisotropic filtering 16x, please refer to "Loader setting 1" tab "Anisotropic filtering 16x".
* When displaying the bezel image, please use "bg2.jpg" in the archive.
* If you can not display Giga Wing properly with this LoaderMode, please give it up.
* This update "TGM 3 frame limiter" has disappeared from Game Loader Config.exe (it exists as a function in TTX.ini).

· Added items that can select new and old d3d9 converter.
* This function will convert d3d8 operated games to work with d3d9, but original d3d9 game will not work.
* The corresponding LoaderMode is all but LoaderMode = g.
* Please use "Loader setting 2" tab "d3d9 converter" when using.
* Please switch when there is a problem with the display of the game or when a crash or the like occurs.
* Maybe it will work normally, but if it is useless, it will end with throwing this Loader in the garbage can.
* Please select "New" in beatmania 13, Bounty Hunter, Chaos Code (RingWide), Giga Wing, Homura (Nesica), KofMira.
* D3d8 compatible games will be beatmania 9 to 13, Bounty Hunter, Chaos Breaker, Chaos Code (RingWide), Homura, Giga Wing, KofMira, Shikigami III (It does not correspond to F & F).

· Responding to internal resolution change when "Anisotropic Filtering New" is selected for Loader Mode = 1, 2, 3, 3 + 6, 4, 5 (excluding some games).
* Required scenes are limited, but in some games you can feel the effect.

· LoaderMode = y and g correspond to "desktop rotation".
* Please use "Loader setting 1" tab "Desktop rotation" when using.
* Normally disable "Desktop rotation" in the above Loader Mode.
* It is meaningless function.

· Game Loader Config.exe "Current Desktop Orientation" has been rotated in the direction opposite to the set rotation direction, so it was fixed.
* Please note that this update renders the conventional "90 degrees" to "270 degrees" and "270 degrees" to "90 degrees".

- Game Loader Config.exe "Loader setting 1" tab Fixed because it rotated in the opposite direction to the rotation direction set in "Desktop rotation".
* Since this update renders the conventional "90 degrees" to "270 degrees" and "270 degrees" to "90 degrees", please change the setting in the vertical shooting game.

· Fixed bug that KofMira's LoaderMode = 0 and 1 cause the window size to not be the specified size.
· Some restrictions on ex-board Arcana Heart 3 and Demon Bride's LoaderMode have been changed.
- Fixed a bug that the ex-board game could not start up with full screen.
- Fixed a bug that Arcana Heart 2.1 and 2.6 of Nesica version could not be started with full screen.
· Since batch processing at loader startup has been modified variously, a lot of problems may occur.
· Since it is incompatible with the previous Game Loader, please execute Game Loader Installer.exe.
· Updated exe list.txt.
· Changed some initial values ​​of TTX.ini.
· If trouble occurs, please delete or initialize TTX.ini.
· Please make Language.ini the default.
· Other, fixed defect fixes.
· If it does not work properly, throw this Loader in the trash box and finish.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 290

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