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GameLoader ALL RH 291 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
· We made window mode correspond to Gumdam.
* It did not work properly with Intel HD laptop of Windows 10 RS 3 (AMD is unknown because there is no PC to check).
* Since the mouse cursor is hidden after loader start process is completed, the mouse cursor will not be displayed even when going outside the game window.
* When * Loader Mode = 6 is set, there is a problem that the screen blurs if "Bicubic" is selected for the enlargement filter.
* It seems that it becomes Windows 10 RS 3 and the frequency of random freeze has further increased, but it may improve a little by setting Loader Mode = 2 (Software TnL 1) (image quality is the lowest).
* In this PC environment, Ending was reached including Secret stage at Loader Mode = 2 setting.

- Dragon Dance has been supported for startup in window mode with desktop resolution maintained.
* In the past, it was necessary to set the resolution to 640 x 480 in order to avoid the positional misalignment between the game screen and the mouse cursor even in the window mode.
* Since the interpolation by the bilinear filter is also done on the game screen, the image quality is also improved.
* Fixed a problem that hides when mouse cursor is before game play.

- It corresponds to movie playback in Windwos 10 environment to KofMira.
* You will not even see a black screen anymore.
* In this environment, the problem of lowering the frame rate of the movie occurs.
* In order to operate KofMira on Windows 10, ducon 2016's Windows 10 patched game.exe is required.

- The default font used in Game Loader Config.exe and Ctrl + F11 tool has been changed from the default "MS UI Gothic" to "Yu Gothic UI" in Japanese environment only.
* Please download if font does not exist. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49116
* By using Language.ini as the default, it will be displayed using "Yu Gothic UI".

- Game Loader Config.exe The "Back up TTX.ini" function has been added to the "Window size" tab.
* The storage location is "sv \ TTX.ini \ year, month, day, hour, minute, second \ TTX.ini".
* It is meaningless function.

- Fixed a bug that Strania crashed with most LoaderMode.
· Fixed a bug that Chinese Contra and Chase HQ 2 crashed when Loader Mode = 1.
· Fixed a bug that DLL was not injected in some games when Loader Mode = 3 + 6.
· We corresponded Akai Katana SIN, Battle Gear 4 Tuned, Farcry Paradise Lost to Loader Mode = 0.
· We have chosen China Contra for Loader Mode = 3.
· Akai Katana SIN, Chinese Contra, Dream Raiders corresponded to Loader Mode = 3 + 6.
· Raiden III, IV corresponded to Loader Mode = 5.
· Game Loader Config.exe "Window Size" Tab "Full Screen Mode" control became invalid state in KofMira, and it was impossible to switch.
· Cancel some restrictions of Psychic Force 2012 and Tottemo E Mahjong in Game Loader Config.exe.
· Some deleted meaningless functions in Game Loader Config.exe.
· Fixed crash determination timer.
· Updated ttx_config 2.0.exe.
· Since Game Loader Installer.exe has been updated, please execute it.
· Please make Language.ini the default.
· Other, fixed defect fixes.
· If it does not work properly, throw this Loader in the trash box and finish.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 291

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