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EmuCR: MAMEoXtrasMAMEoX v0.72 is released. MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the XBOX.

MAMEoX v0.72 Changelog:

As some of you may know apart from my Xbox projects i've also been working on the libretro
MAME-2003 sources of late and as part of that i've been using an ole MAMEox 72 Src as
my testing core.

I was just gonna throw it away but thought it would be a shame to just dump these
improvements so i thought i'd offer em here should anyone want to have a slightly
updated version of MAMEoX_v0.72

New games now supported in no particular order

Hyper Street Fighter II
Puzz Loop 2
Title Fight
Air Rescue
Cute Fighters
Dream World
Gaia : The Last Choice Of Earth
Rolling Crush
FixEight (bootleg)
DJ Boy
Hyper Crash
Power Instinct Legends
Counter Run
Dyna Gears
Vasara 2
Sonic Boom
Bang Bang Busters
Ghost Loop
Choutetsu Brikin'ger - iron clad
Sengoku 3
King Of Fighters 2001
King Of Fighters 2002
King Of Fighters 2003
Metal Slug 4
Metal Slug 5
Rage Of The Dragons
Power Instinct Matrimelee
Pochi & Nyaa
Snk Vs Capcom : Svc Chaos
Samurai Shodown V
Samurai Shodown V Special
Crossed Swords 2
The Last Hope

Games fixed and or now working

Avenging Spirit
Driftout 94
Fire Barrel
Monster Slider
Narc (Via Williams Speedups)
Snowboard Championship
Twin Eagle 2

Games now with sound

Cosmic Alien
Fire Shark


More Midway speedups added should give a nice boost to all the games
Added Williams sound core with the speedhacks for the Midway T-Unit and Y-Unit games
Fixed sound volume level saving for Mortal kombat II
Added sound support to Fire Shark and Vimana
Added sound support for Cosmic Alien
Enabled single screen hack for Lode Runner The Dig Fight
Fixed end of game crash in Double Dragon
Fixed random crashes in Rampage World Tour
Added protection simulation for Snowboard Championship
Added dsp handling for Driftout 94 and Twin Eagle 2 both games now playable
Fixed incorrect game logic in Monster Slider game now playable


The sound is now broken in the T-Unit version of Mortal Kombat play the Y-Unit version instead
The sound is now niggly in NBA Jam TE just play NBA Jam instead
The above might be a price worth paying for a large performance boost..??

gamezfan with code additions via iq_132 and BritneysPAIRS.

Download: MAMEoX v0.72
Source: Here

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