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EmuCR: Mupen64++Mupen64GC Fix94 r2 is released. Mupen64GC is a N64 emulator for Wii & GC.

Mupen64GC Fix94 r2 changelog:
Extract the .zip to the root of your device that you use in the HBC, then you can use it.
If you want to use it in a standalone wii vc, do the same and build the wii vc using the forwarder dol below.
-copied over code from mupen64-360 and not64 so blast corps and donkey kong 64 boot up
-added pause hack for zelda ocarina of time so it pauses quickly now
-stretched out displayed image to fill screen better on wiiu gamepad
-better exit code so it now should not crash anymore if not booted from HBC

Download: Mupen64GC Fix94 r2
Source: Here

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