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EmuCR:Neko Project IINeko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 37 beta 2 is released. Neko Project II is a port to the Wii of NP2 (Neko Project II), NEC PC-9801 emulator, programmed by Yui.

Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 37 beta 2 Changelog:
- Fixed a bug that blue screen was displayed in Win2000 device detection
· Because this program can cause problems of PC-9801 era program, please note
· To return to the conventional behavior, change INI SYSIOMSK from ff00 to 0000
· We made it possible to create completely unformatted HD image
· When doing Win2000 setup from startup disk, it is necessary to create it in completely unformatted state
· NHD, VHD format is limited at the present time
· Please check the Advanced Blank when creating a disc
· Corrected CS 4231 (118 tone generator PCM and Mate-X PCM)
· Mate-X PCM Win 3.1 driver (necpcm.drv) now moves fairly
- Fixed a bug that DMA got wrong due to resume and state save
· Add a mystery option to forcibly display the screen in 4: 3
· Recommended for those who forcibly reproduced the 640x400 on the display of 4: 3?
· Because it seems that there is no errand in general, see the non-disclosed function of FSCRNMOD in attached help

Download: Neko Project 21/W v0.86 Rev. 37 beta 2

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