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EmuCR: WinFellowWinFellow v0.5.6 is released. WinFellow is a high performance Amiga Emulator primarily targeted for Windows. It's distinguished API and core does however allow a fairly easy port to other OS.

WinFellow v0.5.6 Changelog:
- update documentation and bump version number to 0.5.6
- update RetroPlatform modules to latest version provided by Cloanto
- Align disk words to sync if sync is found on an odd boundary. (ipf related)
- implement support for RetroPlatform 7.1 input device handling (#16)
*begin work on support for RetroPlatform API 7.1 input device handling will be handled by the host instead of the
emulator, initial checkin of supporting files
*add conditional define FELLOW_SUPPORT_RP_API_VERSION_71
*add logging for incoming events in debug mode
*implement breakdown of event message into single events
*code cleanup
*implement extraction of raw keycode from event string
*implement forwarding of raw key events to keyboard module
*implement first steps to leave joystick control up to RetroPlatform host
*implement logging of joydevice activity received from host
*implement support to receive joystick input from RetroPlatform host
*adjust formatting
*update documentation for version 0.5.5
*fix reception of guest event messages in release builds
*implement correct message text for key up events
*implement dynamic calculation of mcs string buffer size for incoming guest event handler
*implement fix for logging of full incoming message text
*improve logging when ignoring NULL event strings
*implement asynchronous handling of incoming event message queue
*disable delay, always abort input queue when a thread is active
*adjust delay while pasting clipboard text from RetroPlatform host
*update RetroPlatform library components
*support typematic rate delay
*fix activation messages causing unwanted flashes of the WinFellow window when clicking the mouse outside of the window
*perform minor code cleanup
*improve (debug) logging fix missing logging of date when fellowAddLog2 was being used
*implement further improvements to RAW keyboard input debug logging
*implement further keyboard debug logging
*implement key pressure state tracking for RAW key events
*update documentation
*implement minor delay after RAW key release to improve copy/paste stability at high typematic rates
*disable keyboard input delay via RP
- Merge pull request #15 from ksherlock/patch-1 struct cpuBfData * vs cpuBfData *
- struct cpuBfData * vs cpuBfData * cpuBfData * is a c++ idiom
- implement better error handling for build script
- updated documentation regarding display setting changes
- Use desktop work area as basis for calculating the maximum size for a window.
- Perform a very simple upgrade when loading an old config file. And "LED" position fix when internal clip is larger than output clip.
- eliminate special handling of FPS counter positioning in Amiga Forever mode
- 24-bit sprite-merge on HAM. Add log entry about the buffer draw.c is starting up with.
- Added proper sprites on ham merge in 16-bit color and set "bits" in dxgi buffer info.
- Fix 16-bit color bug. Turn off floppy-log.
- Merge pull request #14 from petschau/WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting Windowfullscreenconfigsplitandbordersetting
- Removed ancient "clip scroll" in-emulation shortcuts.It didn't work, and hardly useful anymore either with screens that has space for everything.
- Keep full-screen mode config setting in the GUI while flipping "use fullscreen" on and off.
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master' into WindowFullscreenConfigSplitAndBorderSetting
- Regression test doc update
- Regression test for "sprites on HAM"
- Updated regression test doc.

Download: WinFellow v0.5.6

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