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EmuCR: N641964js Git (2017/12/01) is released. 1964js is the first N64 emulator written in JavaScript (CoffeeScript to JS). It is loosely a port of our N64 emulator for Windows called 1964. 1964 was written in C and C++.

1964js Git Changelog:
* using mainLoop.js
* using mainLoop.js
* Improve main run loop
* Bump to 0.3.1
* ROM name copy fix
* Merge pull request #17 from schibo/mario_head
* Bump to 0.3.0
* local storage to load/save eeprom
* expansion pak
* Improve run loop timing
* Temporary hack to show mario head but breaks all other things
* get requestAnimationFrame id so it can be cancelled
* clear color buffer and depth buffer on gl init
* viewport
* cleanup
* check if vertex is beyond rdram
* speed sync improvements

Try Online: 1964js Git (2017/12/01)
Source: Here

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