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Firebird v1.4 is released. Third-party multi-platform emulator of the ARM-based TI-Nspire™ calculators. This project is currently the community TI-Nspire emulator, originally created by Goplat. It supports the emulation of Touchpad, CX and CX CAS calcs on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows.

Firebird v1.4 changelog:
In the Desktop version, you can now seamlessly switch between the Mobile and Desktop UI
A new JIT backend emits AArch64 (aka arm64) code, used for instance on devices running iOS 10+
Option to hide dock titlebars, combined with other minor adjustments the UI is now more "streamlined"
Other improvements:
ARM JIT Performance improvements
Mobile UI supports suspend on close now (fully on desktop, on Android only with the back button)
Add option to disable printing of warnings (useful when booting linux or using ndless' lcd compat mode)
Rename "firebird" to "firebird-emu" in most places
Emulation of the Classic CAS OS handles input properly
Fix starting location of file select dialogs in the Kit configuration
Protect the input device state with a mutex (only the tip of the iceberg) to fix OS crashes on ARM
Replace some keypad labels with images to avoid missing symbols with certain fonts
Don't enter the debugger recursively if trying to read from unmapped memory using the debugger commands
Disable relocations in the .text section as Android 7.0+ complains about that (makes emulation a bit slower though)
Support GDB 8.0 for remote debugging

Download: Firebird v1.4

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