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GameLoader ALL RH 294 is released. GameLoader is a Arcade PC game loader.

GameLoader ALL RH Changelog:
· Fixed bug that Registry value to be registered at Loader start was not deleted at the end of Loader.
- Fixed a bug that the mouse cursor was not hidden when NESiCA's Capcom fighting system was started up fullscreen.
- Fixed a bug that low resolution / high resolution switching was not performed normally when NESiCA 's Capcom fighting system and Tottemo E Mahjong' s test mode start up.
- Fixed a bug that Crimson Clover crashes in Intel HD environment when LoaderMode = -1 is set.
- Fixed a bug that caused the window size to be 16: 9 with a grand misunderstanding when Crimson Clover was started in low resolution mode.
· Game Loader Config.exe "Loader setting 1" tab Fixed a bug that the "En-Eins resolution" change did not work properly.
· Fixed bug that Sonic crashed when LoaderMode = 1 was set.

· Updated iDmacX by Mr. FlyBit to v1.3rc1 (Thank you for all the 1 CC people).
* Please use Game Loader Config.exe "Loader Setting 1" tab "Output of iDmacX" button after executing Game Loader Installer.exe when using.

· Updated homemade cheap scan line image.
* As the numerical value of the file name increases, the transparency of the scan line also rises (the vertical RGB line does not change).

· Provisional support was made for TP1.21.
* As usual, you can select startup with TeknoParrot GUI displayed and command line startup.
* To activate on the command line, please enable the "Loader setting 1" tab "command line".
* With Sega Racing Classic, you can also use "d1a.exe" of "1600 x 900 with -uxga" attached with "262 Game Loader" when starting up the command line.
* Game Loader Config.exe "Loader setting 1" tab Please specify the folder where "TeknoParrotUi.exe" is located in "Select Folder".
* In order to avoid a crash, please uninstall com 0 com or disable it from the device manager.
* TeknoParrot Please set the UI side window mode to "invalid" for all games.
* Although some debugging is done, if it does not work properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish.
* When changing the resolution of ID 7, please use the uploaded "1 - Initial D 7 AAX FullHD, UHD (RAR 5)"
* Change of magnification of renderer.ini can also be changed by "Loader setting 1" tab "renderer.ini resolution magnification".
* Initial D card file is copied to 'sv folder' when Loader is finished.
* It seems to exclude the Initial D cheetah, so the frame limiter UI on the Game Loader side is disabled.
* Type X is not supported at all.

· Updated exe list.txt.
· Please make Language.ini the default.
· Other, fixed defect fixes.
· If it does not work properly, dump this Loader to the trash box and finish.

Download: GameLoader ALL RH 294

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