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XM7dash V1.2L77aR39/V2.9L77aR39/V3.4L77aR39 are released. XM7' is an eXcellent fujitsu Micro seven emulator for 7 platforms.

XM7dash Changelog:
Fixed a problem that BMC system scheduler not set at state loading with V1
Fixed a problem that it becomes FM77AV mode when loading the state of FM77AV20EX / AV20 mode with V3, and it becomes FM77AV40EX mode when loading the state of FM77AV40 mode
Supports cycle stealing ON / OFF by subsystem I / O port $ D405 in V1 · FM-77 mode
Corresponds to printer log file output
Fixed a problem that load value of subsystem I / O port $ D 403 did not intentionally return $ FF
After opening the input support dialog, fix a problem that the input mode (half-byte kana) at the time of dialogue is left when entering characters such as file name such as "Open" GUI menu (input mode before opening dialog Return to)
Output undefined area access to log
Write access to ROM to log
Write access to RAM in RO mode to log
Output VRAM access at masking to log
Outputs undefined area ($ 8000 - $ BFFF) access in the log in the 400 line mode after AV 40
Supports log output when accessing shared RAM / subsystem space from main CPU when subsystem is not HALT (* Rebuild required)

Download: XM7dash V1.2L77aR39/V2.9L77aR39/V3.4L77aR39
Source: Here

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