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EmuCR: AtariKat5200 v0.8.1 is released. Kat5200 is an emulator for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers.

Kat5200 v0.8.1 Changelog:
This release contains the following bug fixes and changes:

* Fixed: Database issue causing poor sound and crashes for new installs
* Fixed: GUI: List scrolling in GUI
* Fixed: GUI: Wizard sets input profile after use
* Fixed: GUI: Input profile shows default correctly
* Added: Initial Android support

* If you performed a fresh install of 0.8.0 please install this
immediately to fix poor sound and crashing. Updates from previous
version should not be affected.

* Android support is Alpha, requires external controller and is
currently awkward to setup, but works. Recommended steps:
1. Install BIOS and ROMS to device external storage
2. Pair controller to device
3. Install and start kat5200
4. Using Wizard, choose joystick and setup ROM directories
5. Press Ok to Scan using Wizard
6. From Options->User Interface check Start GUI with Launcher
7. If desired check Start Program with GUI
8. Setup controller for Exit and Back actions
9. From Options->Input, check and customize input settings as needed
Start/Pause/Reset/#/* need mapped to controller
10. Launch ROMS from Launcher or File->Load ROM
* Back button switches between GUI and Emulator

Download: Kat5200 v0.8.1
Source: Here

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