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Pinky is released. This is an NES emulator written in Rust completely from scratch purely based on publicly available documentation.

Controls are Z and X for A and B, Enter and Right Shift for Start and Select, and the arrow keys!

* Accurate-ish (cycle accurate) 6502, PPU and APU emulation.
* A testsuite based on test ROMs.
* A PPU testsuite automatically generated from a transistor-level simulation of a real PPU.
* Supports NROM (0), MMC1 (1) and UxROM (2) mappers.
* Can be compiled as a libretro core.

There are still many things missing, including:
* Unofficial 6502 instructions support.
* Support for other mappers.
* Accurate PPU sprite overflow.
* Savestate support.
* PAL support.

Currently this is not a production quality emulator, though whatever games it can play (due to limited mapper support) it can play quite well (e.g. such games as Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong or Tetris; you can check out nesmapper.txt which will tell you which game use which mapper).

Try: Pinky

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