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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X (2018/02/01) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox v0.74. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
* SDL 1.x modifications to make surface asynchronous from window
* Resizing/moving and using menus no longer causes emulator to pause
* Fullscreen ALT+TAB bug fixes. Exiting fullscreen mode is possible now by ALT+TAB just as it was before this hack.
* DOSBox-X re-initialization fixes. Starting up with output=opengl no longer causes window to appear, disappear, and then reappear (often under another desktop window)
* Merged in changes from 'develop' branch including PC-98 MS-DOS bugfix for DOS CON device input status
* Async window management verified to work correctly under Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows XP (still can't mount anything under Windows XP in my builds)

Download: DOSBox-X (2018/02/01)
Source: Here

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