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EmuLoaderEmu Loader v8.4.4 is released. Emu Loader was created to manage an arcade games emulator called M.A.M.E. With this frontend, you can change practically any option that is available in the emulator, like the screen resolution, sound quality, game options, etc. There are lots of extra features that makes your life much more easier, like the snapshots viewer where all captured images from M.A.M.E. games can be viewed when selecting games.

Emu Loader Changelog:
Function uMain.EncodeUnicodeString() was not converting WideString to UTF-8 correctly
Timer frozen while loading MAME software list games at startup (splash screen)
Fixed a bug in my TPanelEx component for proper Windows themed "Tool Bar" paint style
Some calls to preferences screen were not redirected to "Preferences" main menu event
Setting "http_root" in "mame.ini" was not implemented (it used to be "http_path")
Total play time info corruption ("frontend_dir\arcade\played_games\" folder)
- playing a game for 2 minutes was adding 4 hours or so
- MAME softlist games are also affected
- console/computer games were not affected (EmuCon frontend ported systems)
Driver status not set to "Good" when creating Supermodel games list
- "supermodel_dir\config\games.xml" doesn't have "driver status" entries
- selecting a driver status filter other than "List All", makes Supermodel games not visible
- you must create Supermodel games list again for proper games filtering
Changes to "Export Games List To File" feature (main menu "Games List")
- exported file was not saved in UTF-8 format
- expanded game info options; "Full Format" only
- you can export the file to a format compatible with Microsoft Excel's "import file" feature, using the new "Microsoft Excel Format" checkbox; "Full Format" only
- added a new "Use Games List Columns" checkbox to use current columns settings from main games list; "Full Format" only
- added a couple help buttons with usage instructions
- settings are saved in "el_extras.ini" so you won't have to change settings all over again
- removal of dead code
- several tweaks
Changes and fixes to "Preview Images"
- added a couple variables in "ImageDetails[]" array to keep track of last used image index (max 30 images per category)
- several changes in uMain.LoadScreenshot() function for different image index per image panel
- several changes in "Previous/Next Image" buttons for proper index detection on each image panel (images tool bar)
- removed "Category Prev/Next Auto Switch" and "Layout Prev/Next Auto Switch" settings as they don't work anymore ("Images" main menu)
(use "F11" / "F12" and "F9" / "Ctrl+F9" hotkeys to change categories and layouts... or prev/next category/layout buttons in images tool bar)
- uMain.DisplayImage fuction tweaks to prevent memory leaks, leading to frontend crashes
- feature "Image View Mode" is no more, only layouts are available from now on
- classic view was using single image layout, it makes no sense keeping it
- you can change image category only when in single image layout, with category buttons in images tool bar or in "Layout Settings" screen
- fixed some bugs in load/save layout profiles
- single image layout setting is now saved in "ini_files\screenshot_layouts.ini" file
- tweaks, tweaks, tweaks!
Removed "Internet Game Info" from image categories and made it standalone
- access with a new button in images tool bar
- if this panel is enabled, images and game docs of the selected game will not load
- images tool bar is no longer visible in the internet browser panel; to go back into "images / game docs" just click "Exit Internet Game Info" button
- it requires preview images to be enabled
- renamed file "image_internet.ico" to "internet_gameinfo.ico" in "resources\main_icons\" folder
Changes and tweaks to "MAME Settings" screen
- renamed "Video 2" tab to "Video 3"
- added a new "Video 2" tab and moved some settings into it ("Video" tab was getting extra cluttered)
- "Performace" settings
- "Screens" settings
- "Monitor Provider" setting
- UI tweaks in "Video 2" tab
- "Render Options" panel
- "Artwork" panel
- "Snapshots / Movies" panel
- new MAME v0.194 settings: "Fallback Artwork" and "Override Artwork" ("Video" tab)
The following files are no longer needed:
- "resources\main_icons\ok.ico"
- "resources\main_icons\image_viewmode.ico"
- "resources\main_icons\chronometer.ico"

Download: EmuLoader v8.4.4
Source: Here

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