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EmuCR: 3DNes3DNes v2.0 is released. 3DNES is a new emulator (software that enables you to play software for another hardware platform on your PC) for the Nintendo Entertainment System that can translate the system’s classic 8-bit games into 3D images with depth.

3DNes Features:
- Play NES games with an unique 3D experience
- Support any display resolution - window mode or full screen
- Support game speed adjustment
- Support Save/Load states
- Support zipped roms
- Create your own 3D interpretation.
- Share/Get 3D customizations at the 3DN Repository
- Play with Virtual Reality Headsets Via Oculus or SteamVR - Pro Feature
- Retina Rendering Mode - Pro Feature
- Character Tracking Camera - Pro Feature

PC Requirements
3DNes runs smoothly with CoreM 800MHz + Intergrated Card Laptop in FullHD resolution so it should run fine in any 4,5 year old computer without any problem

- Keyboard&Mouse
Func Left Right Up Down A B Select Start Rotation Zoom
Input Left Right Up Down X Z Space Enter Click&Drag Scroll
- Gamepad: just plug and play, use Left-Right Bumper-Trigger for rotation

3DNes v2.0 Changelog:
* [Improvement][Pro] Virtual Reality Re-Implementation: positional tracking, short view distance -> you will truly feel the depth of everything
* [New Feature][Pro] Retina Video Rendering Mode
* [Improvement] [Pro] Camera Tracking Mode
* [New Feature] Light Direction And Intensity Customization
* [New Feature] Shape Customization Properties: Offset, Rotation, Scale, Layer (5 layers), Geo (5 types), Transparency ...
* [New Feature] Shape Animation and Deformation
* [New Feature] Multi Instance : one 2D shape can be mapped to multi 3D sub-shapes
* [New Feature] Texture Editor : Custom Texture is a must for sub-shapes to be any useful.
* [New Feature] Scripting: the almighty tool to make the very final adjustment of shape properties before rendering
* [New Feature] 3DN File Size Mass Reduction
* [Improvement] Sound Emulation And Rendering Improved
* [Improvement] Video Rendering Performance Optimized
* [Modification] Trinus Plugin Removed
* [Bad News][Backward Compatibility Breaking] V2 are not compatible with 3DN V1 files

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