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EmuCR: Emma 02Emma 02 v1.26 is released. Emma 02 is an emulator for the relatively unknown COMX-35 computers from the early 80s. Emma 02 runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The Emma 02 Emulator is currently emulating the following computers:
· COMX-35
· Cosmac Elf 2000
· Cosmac VIP
· Cosmicos
· Cosmac Elf
· Netronics Elf II
· Quest Super Elf
· RCA Studio II
· Visicom COM-100
· Victory MPT-02
· Cidelsa
· Telmac TMC-600
· Telmac 1800
· Telmac 2000
· Oscom Nano
· Pecom 64
· ETI 660

Emma 02 v1.26 Changelog:
Added Coin Arcade emulator, including files from the Hagley Museum and Library: Sarnoff/RCA Collection -Joseph A. Weisbecker's archived manuscripts and materials -Accession 2464 -Box Number AVD B41 - Bowling, Chase, Mines, Swords and Tag-Bowling
Corrected 'rpm' installer package, 1.25 package did not include all Configuration and data files

Added support for the FEL (st2 like) language for the Coin Bowling and Tag-Bowling games

Updated to reflect changes for this release

Quest Super Elf
Fixed bug in P (memory protect) key

RCA Studio II, RCA Studio III / Victory MPT-02, Visicom COM-100
Renamed 'Victory MPT-02' to 'Studio III / Victory MPT-02'.
Re-ordered Studio computer list
Added support for the Studio III Tester 3 from The Sarnoff Collection at TCNJ, S.572.11 - ST3CTA Tester 3

Download: Emma 02 v1.26 x86
Download: Emma 02 v1.26 x64
Source: Here

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