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EmuCR: uoYabauseKronos v1.1.0 is released. Kronos is a unofficial port of Yabause SEGA Saturn Emulator( http://yabause.org/ ).

Kronos changelog:
- Adaptation of the sampling rate for NTSC / PAL modes. Corrects the audio part with the European games after changing the PAL / NTSC behavior.
- Added Translation String: Original (Saturn Original Resolution) (Benjamin Siskoo).
- Added the resolution of x1 to x4.
- Added bicubic extrapolation video filter.
- Added HQX4 video filter.
- Added 4xBRZ video filter.
- Remove the FXAA video filter.
- Native removal of the resolution.
- Fixed a problem with the bicubic video filter.
- Fixed graphical problem with NBG0 layer for Sega Ages game - Power Drift (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed CDDA tracks for Sega Ages Afterburner and Space Harrier games (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed the line color insertion for the game Dragon Panzer Zwei. It solves a display problem with the sky (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed the shadow of the character that was not transparent for the game Space Harrier (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed the RBG0 layer for the transparency problem for the game Astal (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed a regression on the title for the game Albert Odyssey (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed shadow under the trees that were not displayed for the game Outrun (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed characters who were not drawn in the game Chaos Seed (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed a problem with the sea that was not transparent in the game Sonic R (Devmiyax - Yaba Sanshiro).
- Fixed the game Seifuku Densetsu Pretty Fighter (J)]. On the metro level, the doors of the wharf were not transparent.
- Fixed the HQ4x filter with the Megaman X4 game. Fix the problem with the light spots.
- Fixed layers in the view menu that were not all working properly.
- Return of the software rendering engine and correction.
- Modification of the translation for the chain & Clear (Benjamin Siskoo)
- Better management of lines.

Download: Kronos v1.1.0
Source: Here

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