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EmuCR: MedAdvCFGMedAdvCFG v0.4.1-r44 is released. Mednafen Advanced Configuration Tool. Frontend for Mednafen v0.9.38.x

MedAdvCFG v0.4.1-r44 changelog:
– Desktop Composition is now saved/loaded with settings
– Autosave/load State is now saved/loaded with settings
-Disc Tray/Cart ejected is now saved/loaded with settings
-Saving in Advanced Mode no longer forgets Basic Mode Folder setting
– HQ2X is now the hardcoded Video Scaler in Basic Mode.
– Frameskip is now set to enabled for Basic Mode.
– BIOS & ROM Sanity is now set to disabled for Basic Mode.
– Added option to autosave/load game state
– Added option to disable Desktop composition
– Renamed some controls to more accurately reflect the parameter they control
– ‘Number of Players’ control renamed to netplay.localplayers. Also passes that parameter in addition to setting the ‘Controller’ to specified type and plugged in for specified number of players
– Horizontal Overscan renamed to h_overscan and now also works for Sega Saturn SysCore
– Added Twitch icon and link
– Updated roadmap
– Various code optimizations

Download: MedAdvCFG v0.4.1-r44

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