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EmuCR: RomulusRomulus v0.037 is released. Romulus is a tool. Romulus is a real alternative of your other Rom Managers.

Romulus v0.036 Changlog:
– ADDED a speed hack at rebuild files when trying to check duplicated checksums.
– ADDED Message question when trying to close Romulus.
– ADDED A description modification mask for Offlinelist profiles. Thanks to xlmldh.
– ADDED Simplifed chinese and Traditional chinese language by xlmldh.
– ADDED Detection of OS region China or Taiwan to set Simplified/Traditional chinese as default language at first run.
– ADDED Forze MD5 and/or SHA-1 message in log at profiles that needs it because has not enought CRC32 information.
– ADDED Detection of « No Sets information DATs » displaying this message and not an error reading DAT.
– ADDED Support for DOSCenter based DATs. More info at http://www.totaldoscollection.org/DOSCenter/
– ADDED to Community a basic module to connect to Romulus server with communications using private or public chats and 256bits encryption.
– FIXED File writing problems in some cases.
– FIXED Problems deleting files inside 7zip archives created with old 7zip versions.
– FIXED Displaying DATE and TIME values ignoring your system configuration.
– FIXED RTF encoding problems with « \ » char used in exportation to Word format.
– FIXED When found a dupe rom and must be stored in same ZIP file.
– FIXED Problems with downloadfile function inside threads.
– FIXED Problems extracting DATs from mame based EXE.
– FIXED Problems displaying menus information on asian Windows versions. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Updating Offlinelist profiles using the Offlinelist updater of Scanner option.
– FIXED Transparences and displaying images of buttons in Windows XP. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems launching emulators with unicode params.Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED WindowsXP and Vista commandline encoding problems. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems with current working directory of emulators when launching emulators. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Encoding DATs detection for imporation. Thanks to xlmldh.
– FIXED Problems displaying Files/Folders dialogs. Thanks to Agus.
– FIXED Wrong displaying information and a unnecessary delay when user click a column at loaded profile list.
– IMPROVED Community form interaction with the other forms.
– IMPROVED Rebuild speed for profiles with only CHDs.
– IMPROVED Scan/Rebuild when profile has baddumps.
– REDUCED Small freezing time when finishing DATs importation.
– CHANGED Time counter non based on OS datetime. Prevents problems if user changes datetime when Romulus is running.
– CHANGED Rollback ESCAPE button to close a Window with keydown event again.
– UPDATED CHDMan binaries to 0.193 version.
– UPDATED RAR binaries to 5.50 version.
– REMOVED in Settings – Advanced « Check for baddumps and duplicates », now always is checked and created by user decision.
– REMOVED hottrack painting in profiles and scan lists to decrease CPU render usage.

Download: Romulus v0.037
Source: Here

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