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EmuCR: N641964js Git (2018/04/21) is released. 1964js is the first N64 emulator written in JavaScript (CoffeeScript to JS). It is loosely a port of our N64 emulator for Windows called 1964. 1964 was written in C and C++.

1964js Git Changelog:
* Fix memory function lut
* Optimize branches
* Optimize bgtz, bgtzl
* bitwise branch opcode optimizations
* optimize sra
* Assume always write to DOM
* Remove short-circuit logical operators for performance
* Remove short-circuit logical operators for performance
* Remove short-circut evaluations for performance
* optimize bgtz/bgtzl
* ori/xori optimizations
* fix
* shorten code to c
* Unecessary temporary variable on 32bit logical func
* Optimized lui
* Remove google ads
* safer jal jalr
* Replace t.vAddr[0] with r[38] temp var
* Fix swl
* Remove uproar reference
* Performance

Try Online: 1964js Git (2018/04/21)
Source: Here

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