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EmuCR: DOSBoxDapplegrey v5.4.9 is released. Dapplegrey is a frontend for the MacOS X DOSBox port (which you can get from the official DOSBox website) written in REALbasic. Not only the plain DOSBox app, but DOSBox versions included in DBGL or Boxer will also be recognized as DOSBox binary source. With Dapplegrey you can easily set options the DOSBox gives to you w/o having to enter them manually using the Terminal or have to edit the DOSBox config file. This file will be written before Dapplegrey tells DOSBox to start the DOS game.

Dapplegrey v6.4.1 Changelog:
- When resetting values while the Frameskip rate setting window is active, the app no longer hangs. - When using current DOSBox SVN version, the option opl3gold is available again in the Sound OPL settings. - Current DOSBox SVN versions will be recognized correctly now.

Download: Dapplegrey v6.4.1
Source: Here

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