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CLR-DEV9 v0.8.2 is released. CLR-DEV9 is a Dev9 Plugin for PCSX2 Written in C#. Based on PCSX2's Dev9 plugin. This plugin will use sockets instead of Tap or WinPcap, which will hopefully eliminate most configuration issues most users face when setting up.

To connect using this plugin;
Copy the plugin file into the plugin directory in PCSX2
Launch PCSX2, Click Config>Plugins/BIOS Selector, on the window that appears click "Plugins"
Click the dropdown box next to DEV9 and select "CLR DEV9 Test", then click apply.
Click Ok on the plugin selection window.
Set "Auto" to IP/DNS/Gateway Settings in the PS2 Netconfig menus.

CLR-DEV9 v0.8.2 Changelog:
Fixed bug which prevented the plugin from finding the right adapter, which would cause a crash.
Fixed Crash with Tribes Aerial assault, this was caused by an unimplemented ICMP packet.
Basic HDD support, along with basic config options
Multiple Changes, Including crash fixes.
Crashes fixes when TAP isused
Winsock code improvements, including a possible crash fix
Minor Winsock improvements
Attempted Crash fix. (Failed) Fix for Games using both HDD and network corrupting the virtual HDD Image (Note, Use 0.6.3 or newer for working fix)
Reverted Crash fix as it was causing issues. New working fix for Games using both HDD and network corrupting the virtual HDD Image.
Crash fix for unimplemented IGMP packets, supported with stub functions atm. Attempt to fix crash from a race condition caused by RE: Outbreak. Under the hood changes.
Crash fix for invalid IGMP packets sent from RE: Outbreak. Add ability to accept incoming UDP connections specified in advanced options.
Generate unique MAC in the format of 76:6D:61:63:XX:XX, with values for X generated from the Host MAC address, for winPcap and TAP mode. Other under the hood changes.
v0.8.0 (There are regressions in HDD emulation, please use version 0.7.0 until theses are fixed)
Rewrite of HDD and SPEED code in an attempt to improve emulation, under the hood changes in TCP code. Fix bug with "PC IP" option being forced enabled.
Fix performance regression with v0.8.0, other under the hood changes in ATA code
Fixed TCP related crashes introduced in v0.8.0, Fixed DHCP crash from Midnight Club 3 Dub edtion Remix

Download: CLR-DEV9 v0.8.2

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