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EmuCR: MAMEoXtrasMAMEoX v0.72 2018 Bonus is released. MAMEoXtras is a port of the popular MAME (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) system for the XBOX.

MAMEoX Changelog:

New games now supported

Dunk Dream 95
Heavy Smash
Hoops '96
Skull Fang
World Cup Volley 95

Games fixed and now working


Games now with sound or improved sound

Alien Syndrome
Altered Beast
Combat School
Dharma Doujou
ESWAT Cyber Police
Golden Axe
Lady Killer
Last Fortress - Toride
Pang Poms
Passing Shot
Riot City
Sky Alert
Sonic Boom
Space Firebird
The Karate Tournament
Time Scanner
Toride II Adauchi Gaiden
Wonderboy III Monsterlair (Set 1)


Added sound sample support for Nintendo's Space Firebird
Fixed a sprite bug in Ghost's n Goblins
Improved the MCU simulation for Renegade
Hooked up the Metro driver with the UPD7810 sound CPU core
Updated the UPD7759 soundcore to MAME78 fixing sound issues with lots Sega System 16 games
Fixed slowdown issues in Double Dragon (code via BritneysPAIRS)
improved sound tempo and pitch for Combat School
Updated the ARM CPU core making some changes so the new Data East games will work
Updated the UPD7810 CPU core as some changes were needed to get the sound to work in the Metro games
Added support for iq_132's Deco156 driver
Added support for iq_132's Deco_mlc video code into vidhrdw/avengrgs.c
added support for the Deco_mlc driver via drivers/avengrgs.c
Fixed sound pitch and levels for Asterix

How To Install

Simply drop these new xbe's over the top over your existing ones, delete your
previous save files then simply boot up the emulator

Download: MAMEoX v0.72 2018 Bonus
Source: Here

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