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EmuCR: MednaffeMednaffe v0.8.8 is released. Mednaffe is a front-end (GUI) for mednafen emulator. Mednaffe is written in C language for Linux and Windows. The only dependency is GTK2 (or GTK3). For now Mednaffe only works with 0.9.28/29-WIP versions of mednafen emulator.

Mednaffe v0.8.8 Changelog:
[Windows] Fixed left trigger not working using XInput controllers
(Thanks to Pcegames for report and testing).
[Windows] Fix to accept up/right D-Pad inputs in controller setup on
some conditions (Thanks to SatoXa for report and testing).
[Linux] Use the 'MEDNAFEN_HOME' environment variable when
it is set (Patch by denisfa).
Some minor fixes.

EmuCR: Mednaffe

Download: Mednaffe v0.8.8
Source: Here

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