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EmuCR: NegatronNegatron v0.99.0 is released. Negatron is yet another front-end for MAME, the well-known multi-system emulator. Negatron has been first engineered to assist users in managing the huge list of machines available in MAME as intuitively as possible, them being arcade machines, consoles or computers. It has been developed in order to be as much hassle-free as possible, checking for any changed or updated resources automatically.

Negatron v0.99.0 Changelog:
Added some references to NegaMAME, a new MAME derivative allowing third-party front-ends to get back access to the missing important data since MAME v0.186.
Changed the date format from the American to the European style.
Removed any direct references to other third-party front-ends.
Updated the introduction chapter to cite Ralf Baer as one of the pioneers of the video game industry.
Updated the MAME management system chapter to present a more correct albeit more complex view on how MAME handles all the different aspects of machines.
Updated the Negatron requirements chapter to inform that Negatron should be compatible with MAME/MESS v0.70 forward as the required option -listxml has been implemented starting this version.
Updated the Information Management chapter to explain the purpose of the new configuration fields MAME Multimedia, Folder View and Soundtrack (Negatron doesn't do anything with Soundtrack yet).
While it's not mandatory for Windows users, Linux and macOS users are strongly advised to switch from regular MAME to NegaMAME when using Negatron, as the Java framework on those 2 OSes currently has a bug related to communications between Java and native applications like MAME, which is fixed with NegaMAME thanks to a nice workaround. Oracle recognised this bug and will hopefully fix it by the next version of Java.
Renamed the now completed feature "View / Folder" to "Folder View".
Completed the possibility to hide or display folders by unchecking or checking their related labels in the folder view pane (folder checkboxes were already there but only as non-functional graphical elements).
Fixed the generation of the machine list related to a newly selected folder view.
Fixed broken slot/device dynamic management in the machine configuration pane so that it's compatible with MAME 0.186+:
Slots are now completely handled without continuously calling MAME in the background.
Devices and related media options can't be completely determine from MAME 0.186+ anymore... MAME dev team confirmed that the related bugfix will take a while to be developped, so in the meantime Negatron can work together with the new MAME derivative, NegaMAME, to fill the gap and be completely compatible with MAME 0.186+.
Negatron remains fully compatible with MAME 0.185 and older with slots/devices being continuously updated through MAME calls in the background... as before.
Fixed broken MAME information input parsing with MAME 0.191 and higher.
Fixed several use cases where Negatron seemed unresponsive while selecting different favourites from the favourite panel when some filters has been applied to the machine list.
Fixed the automatic search for the embedded version of VLC in the Windows all-in-one package to take into account the versioning in VLC's root folder name.
Fixed the bug where Negatron couldn't be installed in a read-only folder. Now, in this case, all the working cache are saved into %AppData%\Negatron, ~/.Negatron or ~/Library/Application Support/.Negatron.
Fixed the bug where Negatron would automatically close MAME when the game being launched issues a " NEEDS REDUMP" warning.
Fixed a macOS graphical bug that happened when the UI requests to get maximised on the go. Fixed this by waiting for all graphical components to be initialised.
Fixed the drag'n drop issue on Linux and macOS, where the event dragDone never gets triggered, resulting into the favourite table tree to keep on scrolling up or down after a drag'n drop operation.
Fixed a bug where users couldn't cycle through columns by typing F2 while editing a row of the favourite list.
Changed the behaviour of the favourite list so that the editing row always remains visible even when the machine list or a software list gets displayed over the favourite list.
Changed the behaviour of the favourite button in the information pane to ensure that it's disabled when the favourite tree is displayed to avoid having the situation where the user is editing a favourite and try to create a new favourite by clicking on this button at the same time, thus leading to an editing conflict.
Changed the behaviour of the favourite list:
Middle-click on a cell to edit it instead of left-clicking it.
Double-click on a row to launch the related favourite in MAME instead of alt-double-clicking it.
Changed favourites for them to be compatible with the new way slots/devices must be managed with MAME 0.186+:
Favourite format version is bumped to v1.1.
Favourites created as v1.0 may need to be recreated in some cases. If this is the case, Negatron will warn you with rows highlighted in red and a popup message when you try to launch them in MAME.
Added an icon for the machine configuration item "printout", which has been added in MAME 0.185 as the replacement for the machine device "printer".
Added the support of Matrix LCD display type (since MAME 0.191) in the filtering pane, used by Game&Watch and eletronic games from the 80's.
Added the option to choose "empty" in machine configuration selections.
Added the option to filter out machines/software for which you purposely removed the related ROM sets from your ROM paths. Go to the advanced filter panes and uncheck the new "Missing" checkbox.
Added the support of MAME Multimedia root path, managed similarly to MAME EXTRAs root path:
Changed Video Preview path from being dependent to MAME EXTRAs to being dependent to MAME Multimedia.
Added Soundtrack path as being dependent to MAME Multimedia.
Added the availability of an all-in-one package for macOS users.
Updated the all-in-one Windows package with VLC v3.0.3 and Java v8u171.
Tweaked the handling of the Machine Filter and Folder View Windows so that they don't overlap each other anymore.
Tweaked the position management of the main divider so that it can snap to the centre of the main window for a perfect alignment.

Download: Negatron v0.99.0
Source: Here

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