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EmuCR:VirtualC64VirtualC64 v2.0 is released. VirtualC64 is a C64 emulator for Mac OS X from Dirk W. Hoffmann. VirtualC64 emulates a Commodore 64 personal computer on your Macintosh.

VirtualC64 v2.0 Changelog:
* Milestone reached: The remaining Objective-C code has been ported to Swift (hence version number 2.0)
* The debugger has been reworked. A new SID panel has been added and the CPU panel has gotten an additional "Trace Log" view.
* The disk inspector has been reworked completely.
* reSID has been updated to the version used in VICE 3.2.
* Fixed several bugs in the SID bridge which is the internal API for accessing the reSID library.
* Added support for the D-Pad on Sony's Dualshock controller.


Download: VirtualC64 v2.0
Source: Here

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