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JRomManager v1.6 build 20 is released. JRomManager ia a Rom Manager entirely written in Java and released under GPL v3.

Current Features:
* Zip support
* Mame and Logiqx Dat formats
* Import from Mame executable
* Dat parsing caching via Java Serialization
* Optimized to permit scan over shared network
* Dir scan caching via Java Serialization based on FileMDate+FileSize, one cache file per romdir, reusable between different Dat Scans if same dir used
* Split Scan/Fix/Rebuild
* Non-Merged Scan/Fix/Rebuild
* Merged Scan/Fix/Rebuild (with choice in case of name collision)
* Full SHA1 scan or on-need SHA1 scan in case of suspicious CRC32
* Retain SHA1 in cache until zip file change
* CHD support (no separate dir from roms yet)
* Per profile settings (what to fix, how to scan, ...)
* MultiThreading support (at least for archive manipulation and checksum calculation, fast disks required)
* MD5 support (for old dats)
* 7z support via SevenZipJBinding + 7z command line as functional backup
* TorrentZip support via trrntzip command line
* Multiple Source Dir
* Enhanced Gui with Report
* Translated to English and French
* Software List support
* Filtering functionalities (clone, chds, systems list, display mode, cabinet type, driver status, ...)

JRomManager v1.6 build 20 Changelog:
– Machine/Software can individually (de)selected in Profile Viewer, this will impact the scan and filtered export
– Possibility to auto(de)select by keywords,
keywords list is built with all terms between parenthesis in each description
keywords selection interface permit to choose which keywords is accepted and by order of priority
autoselection will do the best to select only one game with the same name without keywords, and based upon keywords preference order (so that 1G1R and more should be possible this way)
– backup profile option : Each deleted rom will be stored in a backup folder which is reused upon future scans, so that roms are never loose (but eat some disk space)
– load device descriptions from profile to launch softwares with the correct media
– there is now 2 launch options (made for packaging via official linux distribution tools) :
–multiuser : set working folder inside home directory instead of app directory
–noupdate : disable search for update
– documentation available here
– fixed wrongly unneeded files when software list is present in profile
– fixed problem with progress bar when thread id changed in between two parallel streams
fixed stupid problem with Dat files containing uppercase CRC/SHA1/MD5 (thanks go to SpaceAgeHero)

Download: JRomManager v1.6 build 20

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