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EmuCR: Virtual GameBoyVirtual GameBoy v5.5 is released. Virtual GameBoy is a program that emulates the Nintendo GameBoy handheld on your computer. It runs GameBoy, Super GameBoy, and GameBoy Color games on PCs, Macs, PocketPCs, Unix boxes, etc. VGB also helps debugging GameBoy software without using a costly development system.

Virtual GameBoy v5.5 Changelog:
* Added ability to play GBC games in GBA "backward compatibility mode".
* Use -gba in VGB-Unix to enable GBA compatibility mode.
* Use "Hardware | GameBoy Model | GameBoy Advance" in VGB-Windows.
* Added ability to browse through paused replay.
* During replay, press [LEFT] and [RIGHT] keys to browse.
* Press [UP] to resume replay, any other key to continue.
* Press any other button to continue playing.
* Made replay save states approximately every 170ms.
* Made replay code always return "replay-ended" when replay ended.
* Made WaitJoystick() exit when window closed.

EmuCR: Virtual GameBoy

Download: Virtual GameBoy v5.5
Source: Here

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