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WasmBoy v0.1.1 is released. WasmBoy is a Gameboy / Gameboy Color Emulator written for Web Assembly using AssemblyScript. Shell/Debugger in Preact.

* Emulates the Gameboy / Gameboy Color 🎮👾🕹️
* Outputs graphics to a scalable / responsive HTML5 canvas 🖼️, and audio through the Web Audio API 🔊
* Support for In-game saves, and save states 💾
* Configurable options to increase performance for low(er) end devices 🔥
* WIP: Importable into other projects as a dependency ♻️
* Built with Web Assembly 🕸️
* Keyboard and gamepad input support using responsive gamepad ⌨️ 🎮
* Debugger with a value table (I/O map), Tile Data visualizer, and Background Map with Scroll Indicators 🐛

Try: WasmBoy

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