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EmuCR: Z64K Z64K Beta (2018/09/12) is released. Pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 64, VIC 20 and Atari 2600 written entirely in Java. The emulators should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed.

Z64K Changelog:
Fixed minor bug that wouldn't allow parsing of single digit numbers in the machine monitor.
Put a carriage return after disassembly in machine monitor
Added -moncommands command line option. Executes machine monitor commands from a file.Only enabled for C64 and C128 but will be enabled for other emulators in next release. See http://c-128.freeforums.net/thread/462/emulator-testing-report-feature-requests?page=5 for more information
Monitor breakpoints are toggled ON/OFF using keyword break [address] or bk [address]. break by itself lists currently enabled breakpoints.
Minor updates to VDC vertical sync behaviour. Soci test 3 doesn't cut the first line of characters when in debug border screen mode.
Enabled dynamic resizing forall other video chips using screen dimensions widget.

Download: Z64 Beta (2018/09/18)

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