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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.82.11 (2018/11/22) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
SDL GUI fixed to make fade/sepia effect fit the
actual display rectangle instead of filling the
PC-98 BIOS keyboard handling now returns capitals
for A-Z if SHIFT xor CAPS LOCK is engaged.
PC-98 BIOS keyboard handling now uses modifier bits
of keyboard bitmap to process scan codes, hackish
IBM PC/AT data area status handling in PC-98 mode
PC-98 BIOS keyboard emulation now maps numeric keypad
to produce the correct keyboard input to the console
and games. This fixes games that rely on the numeric
keypad and the DOS console driver
Command line parsing fixed to add any BAT, COM, and
EXE file references given at DOSBox-X's command line
to the autoexec.bat file run at startup.
BOOT command bug fixed that made it impossible to
specify both disk images and the --debug and --force
Debug output fixed to make it easier to break into
the debugger even during a flood of debug output.
Added dosbox.conf option to enable/disable the
PC-98 bus mouse interface
PC-98 boot disks with 128 bytes/sector boot sectors
now load 4 sectors instead of 2. Seems to be
required by some games.
INT 13h read/write functions fixed to refuse the
command if the floppy disk has a sector size too
large for the implementation (such as a PC-98
disk image mounted in IBM PC mode with 1024 bytes
per sector).
INT 13h AH=2 (read sector) updated to return disk
change error on first read after disk change, to
match real BIOS behavior.
Floppy emulation now tracks "disk change" signal.
PIC event handling fixed, IRQ breakpoints now stop
at the beginning of the interrupt handler.
MPU-401 MIDI default IRQ is now IRQ 6 in PC-98 mode,
to match factory default setting.
MPU-401 MIDI IRQ masked by default in PC-98.
PC-98 port BFDB implemented, which allows control
of the mouse interrupt rate.
Eliminated mouse periodic interrupt hack, the mouse
interrupt on PC-98 is periodic when enabled.
256-byte/sector hard disk images fixed to ensure the
proper boot drive identifier is presented for MS-DOS
when booting a hard disk image.
Added IMGMOUNT -o partidx=N option. N is an integer
value that indicates which partition to mount, counting
up from zero. This allows mounting disk images that
the FAT driver otherwise can't identify which partition
to mount.
New general -o name=value option for IMGMOUNT, to pass
various options to the FAT driver.
Update Metal Force mouse hack to become a more general
"fire interrupt on Port C write" with a dosbox.conf
option to enable. This fixes the requirement to move
the mouse constantly for "Amaranth" when enabled.
Add to cascade interrupt hacks by offering an option
to ignore the "in service" bit of the PIC for the
cascade interrupt, while still tracking it for
the DOS game or interrupt. Handy for PC-98 games
that check the cascade "in service" bit before
acting on the interrupt (IRQ 8-15).
DOS kernel fixed to limit it's private area and
UMB region to avoid overlapping the PC-98 SOUND
PC-98 SOUND BIOS dummy stub added for games that
call into it.
Emulator hanging problem fixed when inputs are
processed while running at a very low cycle count.
Added PC-98 LIO BIOS list and stub for games that
require it.
Timer and PIC updated to emulate Mode 3 Square Wave
output through the IRR register. Needed for Steel
Gun Nyan.
PC-98 INT 18h fixed to reenable and process any
keyboard data waiting when the DOS game or application
calls INT 18h to read keyboard input. This fixes
keyboard problems with Quarth.
PC-98 FDC BIOS emulation no longer reprograms the
timer interrupt, but uses an alternate hack to
avoid divide by zero fault with Ys II.
PC-98 GDC command to read back cursor position
PC-98 DOS CON device emulation now maintains ANSI
attribute byte at 60:11D as documented.
BOOT now hides hardware cursor when booting a guest
OS in PC-98 mode.
INT 1Dh vector now points at segment FD80 to satisfy
some games that autodetect PC-98 vs other platforms.
INT 18h AH=42 implement display "bank" bit for games
that need it.
PC-98 text scroll region implemented (I/O ports
76h-7Ah even).
PC-98 CRTC mode set regarding 20/25-line mode fixed
to update line height, text vertical position/height,
and cursor shape.
PC-98 emulation of text height/vertical position
registers 70h-74h even added.
PC-98 text hardware cursor fixed to cover both halves
of doublewide characters if cursor positioned on left
half, to match real hardware.
Fixed music/interrupt slowdown whenever I/O and INT 10h
BIOS emulation is involved.
PC-98 minimal (non-functional at this time) printer
port emulation added, as well as system configuration
PC-98 CG memory region fixed to match real hardware
behavior, responding to A4000-A4FFF.
FAT filesystem driver now supports 2048 bytes per
sector filesystems.
FAT filesystem driver logical/physical sector matching
fixed to improve flexibility.
Fixed crash that occurs if you maximize the window
and then adjust scalers to produce output that is
larger than the maximized window.
INT 33h emulation now offers hiding the host cursor
if the guest has provided an interrupt subroutine
for the mouse driver to call, since it usually means
the DOS game wishes to draw the cursor itself.
INT 33h emulation now offers hiding the host cursor
if the guest is polling the cursor position, to
better support guest/host integration with DOS games
that draw their own cursor.
AUX and PS/2 emulation no longer allowed if machine
type is PCjr.
PS/2 mouse emulation fixed to disable itself if the
slave PIC needed for IRQ 12 is not present.
INT 33h pointer integration improved to support some
additional DOS games, and to handle DeluxePaint II
IMGMOUNT now supports NFD disk images.
DOSBox Integration Device now available for PC-98.
Added support for T98Next NHD hard disk images.
Added support for T98Next NFD R1 disk images.
Fixed crash with VGA BIOS allocation if video memory
allows the full modelist to overflow the available
ROM space.
SDL2 mapper redraw issue resolved.
Added dosbox.conf option to determine whether INT 10h
VESA BIOS emulation points at the modelist in ROM or
copies the modelist into the DOS application's info
structure when asked.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.82.11 (2018/11/22)
Source: Here

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