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EmuCR: emuControlCenter emuControlCenter v1.23 released. emuControlCenter is an emulator and rom start center for more than 100 retro and nextgen arcade, console, handheld and computer systems. With emuControlCenter you can search and find your favourite games in seconds and start games direct with an simple mouseclick!

emuControlCenter v1.23 Changelog:
- ECC Core
- Added support for joystick emulator commandline parameters!
- Updated Interton logo to the correct one!
- Added CISO extension to all CD-based platforms.
- ECC Startup
- Thirdparty tool World of Joystick filename changed.
- Added support for joystick emulator commandline parameters!
- emuDownloadCenter
- Added GLOBAL install location wich is recommended, this saves a lot of diskspace using multi-emulators!
- Now using multi-emulator configurations on platform level used in the EDC ini's.
- Changed location of emulator logo's to the wiki resource, this is reducing bandwidth.
- Fixed crash when clicking on website link.
- Fixed waiting for up/down keypresses using cpu resources.
- Added Language label on emulator select
- Config bugfixes, now the ECC configs should be written properly!
- ECC DAT file updater
- Updated "NeoGeo" datfile extract naming to match MAME v2.00+

- Added platforms
- Benesse Pocket Challenge V2
- Chip-8
- Konami Picno
- Nintendo Satellaview
- Nintendo Sufami Turbo
- Nintendo Switch
- Videoton TV-Computer
- VTech V.Smile

- Thirdparty updates
- AutoIt (2015-09-18) to v3.3.14.5 (2018-03-16)
- HxD HEXeditor v1.7.7.0 to v2.1.0.0 (2018-09-27)
- MPlayer Redxii-SVN-r37871-4.9.3 (i686) to Redxii-SVN-r38119-6.2.0 (i686) (2018-12-25)
- Notepad++ v6.9.2 (2016-05-18) to v7.6.1
- 7zip v16.04 (2016-10-04) to v18.05 (2018-04-30)
- World of Joystick (WOJ) v1.57 to v1.59 (2018-09-30)

- Updated DAT files for:
CPS-1 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
CPS-2 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
CPS-3 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
MAME : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
MODEL1 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
MODEL2 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
NAOMI : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
NEOGEO : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
PGM : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
S11 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
S16 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
S18 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
S22 : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)
ZINC : v0.180 to v0.205 (mame)

Download: emuControlCenter v1.23
Source: Here

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