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EmuCR: ixbar3000ixbar3000 v031 is released. ixbar3000 is a Multiplatform Multiemulator Frontend, it allows you to browse/launch games from a centralized place. While doing so it’ll keep statistics on your usage. You can also use it to store highscores on games that doesn’t have battery memory.

Fast & Lightweight.
Multiplatform: Linux & Windows.
Multisystem: Emulators: Anything from Atari to Adobe Flash.
Multisystem: Native software.
Award Functionality: Similar to PSN's trophies, only better!
Statistics Tracker: Time and Playcount.
OMNI: Seach all items from all active systems

EmuCR: ixbar3000

Download: ixbar3000 v031
Source: Here

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