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EmuCR: DCMOTO DCMOTO v2019.02.20 is released. DCMOTO is the ultimate Thomson emulator. It emulates Thomson MO5, MO5E, MO5NR, MO6, T9000, TO7, TO7/70, TO8, TO8D, TO9, TO9+ et Olivetti Prodest PC128. The emulator of choice for any of these machines!


DCMOTO v2019.02.20 Changelog:
New help system and release notes based on .html files that can be translated by online tools.
Enable Windows shortcut keys in the Removable Devices and Keyboard Simulation dialog boxes.
Emulation of the nanoreflector controller TO. Allows dcmoto to emulate a TO7, TO7 / 70, TO8, TO8D or TO9 + connected to the server of the server.
Emulation of the nanoreflector controller MO. Enables dcmoto to emulate an MO5, MO5NR, or MO6NR (W series) connected to the server of the server.
New function of the Files menu: Loading a binary file. The loading address is defined in the debugging tool.
Fixed emulation error of 6309: In case of invalid instruction branch to the address read in $ FFF0.
Fixed emulation error of 6309: V must be initialized to $ FFFF at cold start.
New debugging of mrx_mo5.sd and mrx_to770.sd files generation.
New option to invert the coding of MO and TO type colors.
Debugging tool: 16-bit V-reg, Hardreset button, stop execution if the break parameters are modified.
Fixed an error in mrx_mo6.sd files.
Fixed the immediate LDQ instruction of the 6309 processor.
New version 2019.11.09 of the SDDRIVE controller. The .sd file remains selected after a warm reset.
The loading function of a binary file makes it possible to modify the entire ROM of the MO5 (BASIC and System Monitor).
Added an option to emulate the joysticks with a CTRL key (left = joystick 0, right = joystick 1), arrows, SPACE and ENTER.
Fixed an error processing the ENTER key on the numeric keypad in joystick emulation mode.
Update of the SDDRIVE controller in version 20181001 (sddrive.sel launched automatically at the first reading of a sector).
Fixed two dialog boxes causing small memory leaks (Removable Devices and Tools / Keyboard ...).
The types of shutdowns checked in the debug tool are saved to be restored at the next run.
In the debugging tool, remove the display of three lines before the current line of disassembly.
Added emulation of the ARDDRIVE interface to access an SD card with an Arduino.
Improvement of the debugging tool in step-by-step execution and subroutine jump.
Generation of the files mrx_mo5.sd, mrx_to770.sd and mrx_mo6.sd adapted to the new versions of the controllers CS91-280 and SDDRIVE.
Fixed a TO8 keyboard emulation error when using the AltGr key on the PC.
New version of the SD card controllers CS91-280 and SDDRIVE.
Added the creation of mrx_mo6.sd files for MO6 and PC128 computers.
Fixed SD card emulation error with mrx_mo5.sd and mrx_to770.sd files.

Download: DCMOTO v2019.02.20
Source: Here

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