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EmuCR:RomCenterRomCenter v4.0.0 is released. RomCenter is an application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems, designed to help you maintain and organize your emulators roms collection for various gaming systems including computers, consoles, arcade, calculators and handheld. You can add additional systems through external datafiles available on a lot of sites.

RomCenter can audit your games and report which are working or not. It can fix problems such as bad name, missing roms available elsewhere, and clean your set by removing useless or bad roms and files.

RomCenter v4.0.0 Changelog:
Add 27 systems datafiles generated from mame 208
Add more precise log messages
Extend text filter search to more games and files columns
Faster operations when a lot of items are selected
Add backup strategy selection on startup
Improve container remove method to reliably handle on-success db operation.
Rewrite version comparison
Update some components
Faster dat import
Clean and fix games selection
Clean files/fileroms view selection
Handle operations exceptions. Display only one dialog and cancel.
Disable 'remove zip comment' by default
Fix deleted items not sent to recycle bin
Fix refresh database deadlock
Fix settings when backup path not selected
Fix filters not working with grey disks
Fix some views not translated
Fix crash when opening a db from a non existent folder
Fix error when temp folder deleted
Fix a bug causing an index error
Fix crash when 'backspace' typed in view
Fix detail view not updated when master is empty
Fix loading error with some utf-8 dat
Fix invalid cast when updating view data
Fix loading libretro mame2003 dat (double )
Fix no detail item selected after operations
Fix wrong files identification when fixing from a rom selection
Fix plugin not always detected when dat is filtered
Fix ribbon staying active after trying to open a missing db
Fix unzipped files not renamed
Fix wrong file status for single files
Fix db name not changed when updating dat.
Fix detail view not cleared when filtering the selection.
Fix empty backup folder settings blocking save in options.
Fix items selection identification when rom selected
Disable for now usage of extension calculated by plugin (use datafile rom extension instead).
Bug #10: Issues When Archive Folder Runs Out of Space
Bug #111: RC3 trying to rename files that have correct name
Bug #124: Writing gamename in FILTER box is not working for many games.
Bug #128: MAME 2003 PLUS libretro core xml error
Bug #129: Crash opening "settings" dialog when a non-existent database is selected.
Bug #136: Cancel running operation, buttons (yes/not) are inverted
Bug #137: Selected file when playing with filters
Bug #140: NES plugin not working/triggering when selecting only USA region
Bug #142: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Bug #143: Splash screen "BACKUPED" should be "BACKED UP"
Bug #144: Fix process extremely slow on large collections
Bug #145: Romcenter doesn't recognize Roms it should
Bug #148: InvalidOperationException: Added item does not appear at given index '0'.
Bug #151: Directory not found - RomCenter will now close
Bug #153: Problems with paths longer than 260 characters
Bug #154: Cannot create database from latest TOSEC dat
Bug #156: Adding the same folder twice leads to a buggy state

Download: RomCenter v4.0.0
Source: Here

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