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#CSpect V2.10.1 is released. #CSpect is a ZXSpectrum emulator by Mike Dailly.

#CSpect changeglog:
Fixed a crash in relative sprites where the X coordinate could go negative
Added +3 "all ram" mode. (ZX81 games now work on the Next SD card)
ay8912.dll no longer obfuscated. Didn't realise this was still getting obfuscated. This means you can now compile the DLL yourself using the supplied source.
Fixed the fake UART and Wifi - was ignoring a basic AT command.
Added a couple of new AT commands to the UART. AT+CIPSTA? will now return your IP address.
AT+CIPDNS_CUR? will return googles DNS server - coz why not.
AT+GMR will return n00160901 - which is an older version of the wifi chip I believe - any other preference?
Fixed the default MMC path (when you don't specify one) on the Mac/Linux. Now uses .Net Path.PathSeparator...
Any unknown UART command is now sent to the LOG file
CTRL+F1 now enables/disables the TV shader (-tv on the command line to disable)
PageUp+PageDown now makes the TV lines less/more visible
Home+End now adjusts the TV shader "blur"
Fixed a shader crash on OSX (Probably Linux as well)

Download: #CSpect V2.10.1

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