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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.82.21 (2019/08/27) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:

FAT driver now assigns current date/time when
creating directories.
Increased the DTA segment size of the DOS FAT driver
to fix problems with directory searches corrupting
adjacent memory.
Disk Parameter Block linked list now terminates
with next pointer at FFFF:FFFF instead of 0000:0000
to match general DOS pattern and satisfy some
PC-98 games that enumerate the list.
INT AH=52h List of Lists now points to the Disk
Parameter Block as well, which allows some PC-98
games that enumerate the list to work.
Video parameter list and table at BIOS DATA AREA
40:A8 added to MCGA mode, to match real PS/2 MCGA
FAT driver now updates the Disk Parameter
Block when activated, and provides as much
from the FAT filesystem as possible. It is now
possible to run Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22
SCANDISK.EXE on a drive letter attached from
a disk image.
Disk Parameter Block is now the proper full
size. The limited 9 bytes/block hackery has
been removed.
Added INT 25h/INT 26h emulation for FAT drives
mounted with IMGMOUNT.
Fake disk paramter table fixed to indicate one
reserved sector.
Fixed INT 25h/INT 26h to return an error rather than
silently fail with success. Emulation of these calls
exist currently only as stubs and, according to
source comments, as a workaround for MicroProse
installers. For disk diagnostic software like
Microsoft ScanDisk it is better to signal an error
until INT 25h/INT 26h are fully implemented.
Added dosbox.conf option to control whether INT 10h
VESA BIOS function AX=4F00h (Get SVGA information)
zeros the entire 256-byte or 512-byte structure or
not. Turning the option off (no zeroing) allows
"Get Saddam!" to run with SVGA and VESA BIOS
extensions enabled without crashing. The developer
calls INT AX=4F00h but does not provide enough
storage space for the full 256 byte structure,
only enough for the base structure defined by VESA.
INT 2Fh updated to explicitly mention SMARTDRV or
DBLSPACE if values of AX are known to match their
VESA BIOS modelist now includes S3 OEM video modes
as documented by the RBIL, and needed by Line Wars II.
OpenGL output now clears 3 frames instead of 2 after
mode change to deal with nVidia hardware that
reportedly triple buffers OpenGL rendering in
INT 21h fixed to always enable the A20 gate through
HIMEM.SYS if dosbox.conf indicates a configuration where
XMS is enabled, the HMA is enabled, and DOS is loaded
high (DOS=HIGH), which is the default configuration
for DOSBox-X.
XMS emulation fixed not to allow conventional memory
block addresses (source or dest) if it extends past
the 1MB+64KB-16 range normally accessible from real
mode, as per Microsoft XMS test program.
XMS emulation fixed to disallow XMS block move/copy
with an odd length byte count, per Microsoft XMS
XMS emulation no longer allows freeing a XMS block
handle that is still locked, as per Microsoft XMS
specification and testing software.
Enhance existing INT 68h fix for "PopCorn" by adding
a dosbox.conf option to always keep INT 68h NULL,
so that it's possible to run the game in machine
configurations other than CGA.
EGA/VGA: Fix "dynamic parameter save area" pointer,
to make sure it's initialized to zero properly.
This is needed to run "Get Saddam!" in VGA mode
without crashing.
INT 10h AH=12h BL=10h no longer responds in
machine=mcga mode, which allows Thexder to run in
256-color mode properly when emulating MCGA.
Added code to silence the PC speaker, if it was left
on at reset, at BIOS POST.
Added pause at BIOS POST (after reset), with
dosbox.conf option to control, so that screen contents
at reset can be seen.
Writes to unmapped 0xE0000-0xE7FFF in PC-98 mode no
longer print a "write to ROM" warning. PC-98 games
and software like to zero that region whether or not
the 4th bitplane is enabled.
PC speaker emulation now takes into consideration
the case when the 8254 timer has been given a control
word without a counter value, in which case no sound
is to be emitted until a control word is written.
This fixes "Titus the Fox: To Marrakech and Back"
when the game fails to detect Adlib (OPL2) hardware.
Adlib polling hack no longer needed.
Floppy controller emulation fixed to support sector
sizes other than 512 bytes per sector.
Floppy controller fixed to always set "seek completed"
status bit after seek/calibrate, not just when the
head hits track 0 (programming mistake).
PC-98 40-column text mode is now supported.
Integrated commits from mainline (Allofich)
In the mapper, display disabled items or events
with no binding in grey.
Implemented BIOS beep sound for ASCII character 7
Return failure for INT 13 format calls if the
drive is inactive.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.82.21 (2019/08/27)
Source: Here

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