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EmuCR:Classic99 Classic99 v399.8 is released. Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 9x.

Classic99 runs most stuff fine:
- More filesystem debug
- Added ability to set Program Counter (disasm page)
- Added better description of file header mismatch
- Added better detection of TIFILES header
- Fixed broken host text file fixed/variable determination
- Commented out speech and dac warning debugs (they don't help)
- Print one less debug line to window to avoid last line being masked

Classic99 v399.8 Changelog:
updated fbForth and replaced XB256 with Isabella
CF7 emulation updated
gigaflash emulation (disabled, for the most part)
Many 9901 fixes: interrupt status bit, clock registers, wraparound from zero, and proper reset behaviour. This makes both CamelForth and cassette work with the same code, finally.
fix high-DPI scaling for heatmap
fix GPU instruction fetch, was buggy
add drag and drop support for cartridges - just drag the file onto the window and it will load and reset
F18A features added: text mode attribute colors, second tile layer, sprites per line, text mode sprites
VDP now resets differently for warm start vs cold start (mostly to preserve F18A palette on warm)
fix disk path history by allowing longer entries in the edit box
fixed a typo in the audio volume table


Download: Classic99 v399.8
Source: Here

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