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renameSET.dat v0.213 is released. This project came about as a result of the continuous changes that mamedevs provide the names of the sets out whenever a new version of the executable. The reasons for these changes are manifold: correction of previous errors, addition of new games with similar names, etc.. By the time the project has expanded by collecting not only changes the name of the sets but also a kind of statistical data-base.

renameSET.dat Changelog:
* 4.32 2019/09/06: Added 0.213 infos, also update all the other files of the pack.
* 4.31 2019/08/31: Added to version 0.36b5 the missing rename (64streej) to (streej64).
* 4.30 2019/08/26: Fixed a rename of the 0.36b16 version; (mk) to (mkla3) instead (mk3) to (mkla3) and added a missing rename in 0.112u3 version (lastblad) to (lastbldh). Added to the 0.35rc1 version the removal of (kingofbj).
* 4.29 2019/08/22: Fixed a rename of the 0.37b15 version; (sf2e) to (sf2ue) instead (sf2) to (sf2ue) and added two renames of the 0.36rc2 version, (si_cv) to (sicv) and (si_sv) to (sisv).

Download: renameSET.dat v0.213
Source: Here

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