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EmuCR: PCSX2Spectabis v1.1.0 is released. Spectabis is a free custom frontend for PlayStation®2 emulator PCSX2. Without tinkering for hours with settings for each game or creating complicated setups for each game, Spectabis takes it all from your hands so you enjoy what matters - your games. You can configure most of the emulation settings, graphical settings, input, sound and manage shaders without leaving Spectabis. Spectabis will handle your game files and appropriate box art covers, connect you to game's PCSX2-Wiki page for even faster and easier game library management.

Spectabis v1.1.0 changelog:
Changed stuff around the global config emuDir - #27
API Overhaul - #28
Added additional art APIs
Embedded API keys
Automatic API switching and priorization
Error Logging output to file + PCSX2 directory change bug fix - #33
Fixing playtime counter only keeping track of minutes, not hours - #38
Fixing crash on startup - #39
Also updated bundled emulator plugins to dev-3033-g52da124a2
Thanks to CyberFoxHax and Michanne for caring when I didn't. <3 Download: Spectabis v1.1.0
Source: Here

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