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Arculator v2.0 is released. Arculator is a freeware Acorn Archimedes Emulator for Windows and Linux.

Arculator v2.0 changelog:
FPA10 emulation
Podule emulation. Current included podules : AKA31 SCSI Podule, AKD52 Hard Disc Podule, Computer Concepts Lark, HCCS Ultimate CD-ROM, ICS ideA, RISC Developments IDE Podule, Wild Vision MIDI Max, ZIDEFS
Much better CPU/memory timing. Now emulates ARM3 cache and MEMC1/MEMC1a timings
Added emulation of GamesPad, RTFM and Serial Port/Vertical Twist joysticks
Improved sound filter emulation
Re-implemented FDI support
Added HostFS (ported from RPCemu)
Disc drive noise
Linux port
Numerous bug fixes
Many other changes

Download: Arculator

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