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ASAP v5.0 is released. ASAP is a player of 8-bit Atari music for modern computers. It emulates the POKEY sound chip and the 6502 processor. The project was initially based on the routines from the Atari800 emulator, but the current version has a completely new original emulation core.

ASAP includes the following programs:
*ASAP2WAV - portable command-line converter to WAV files
*WASAP - tiny player for Windows
*plugin for Apollo
*plugin for foobar2000 0.9
*plugin for GSPlayer
*plugin for MOC
*plugin for Winamp
*plugin for Windows Media Player
*plugin for XBMC
*plugin for XMMS
*POKEY sound emulation DLL for Raster Music Tracker
*Java version of ASAP2WAV
*Java applet - for web pages (see online demo)
*Java midlet - for mobile devices
*C# version of ASAP2WAV
*experimental JScript version of ASAP2WAV running in Windows Script Host
*experimental JavaScript version of ASAP2WAV running in Firefox
*Flash player - for web pages (see online demo)

ASAP v5.0 Changelog:
– Upgraded the Ć programming language.
– Upgraded C code to C99.
– Removed ports: Windows 8, Windows Mobile, Windows Media Player, Java ME, Java applet, Silverlight, Flash Player, Adobe AIR, gstreamer, Audacious, XBMC, GSPlayer, Apollo.
– Updated to AIMP 4, VLC 3, MOC 2.5.
– Bundled ASMA in the Android app.
– Fixed the file selector on new Androids.
– Support MyDOS directories in ATRs.
– Emulate interrupts of the extra POKEY.
– Support high resolutions on Windows.
– foobar2000 plays non-ASAP files (e.g. MOD) from ATRs.
– asapconv released on macOS.
– Extract from SAP and relocate a native module in one go.
– Fixed a buffer overflow while extracting FC from SAP.

Download: ASAP v5.0 x86
Download: ASAP v5.0 x64
Source: Here

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