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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.82.23 (2019/10/31) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:

Serial and parallel file output now disable stdio
buffering so that output is more immediately
accessible to the user.
Added file output to serial port emulation.
Parallel port emulation now support both dev: and
file: to specify that LPTx output go to a file,
not necessarily a device by name.
Fixed bug that capped vmemsizekb to 8KB.
BIOS bootup screen now shows correct text for CPU
type instead of "? CPU" when cputype=auto.
PC-98 256-color mode fixed to ignore doublescan
and 200-line bits of the GDC to match real hardware
behavior. This fixes display problems with
"Alone in the Dark"
BOOT command will now always set 640x200 8-color
graphics mode when booting PC-98 disk images,
to match the apparent behavior of real hardware.
PC-98 hardware apparently allows writing port 6Ah
to jump directly to 256-color mode from 8-color
mode, update DOSBox-X emulation to allow it.
This fixes the PC-9821 port of "Alone in the Dark".
Slow CGA memory access handler now wraps to 16KB
correctly, and resolves a segfault that can happen
if the last 16KB is accessed by the guest if
vmemsize default is now -1, which means to pick a
video memory size automatically.
Added PC-98 INT 1Bh AH=03h SCSI BIOS command, which
allows FreeDOS98 to boot.
INT 33h emulation fixed not to reset mouse min/max
range if the new video mode is a VESA BIOS SVGA
mode (not a standard VGA mode). Some games seem to
define the mouse min/max range AND THEN set the
VESA BIOS mode, not the other way around.
INT 33h define range functions now apply rounding
to the max range if the range is close to the
dimensions of the screen, for games like Daggerfall
that set the cursor maximum range to values close to,
but not exactly, the dimensions of the VGA screen.
INT 33h define range functions updated to accept max
ranges for mapping host to guest if set just after
video modeset or if those INT 33h functions are called
when no mouse buttons are down.
INT 10h AH=4Fh AL=08h (Set DAC width) now correctly
set AL=4Fh to indicate the call is supported.
VGA DAC palette writes are now ALWAYS masked to 6-bit
unless 8-BIT DAC mode is ON and enabled. This fixes
palette problems with Amulets and Armor.
VGA DAC 6/8-bit palette management code simplified
Added dosbox.conf option to instruct DOSBox-X to leave
the PC speaker clock gate enabled if set, for games
that use that PIT output as a time source. Setting
the option to "true" allows "Bàoxiào sānguózhì", a game
with strange and elaborate timing code, to run without
hanging at the second title screen.
VGA port 3DAh "undefined bits" setting changed to 0x04
to accomodate "Blues Brothers"
Configuration GUI: If the settings are scrollable,
tabbing between fields will now auto-scroll to the
field and make it visible.
In the configuration GUI, scroll wheel input no longer
changes the window focus.
Set CPU cycles dialog box layout fixed.
Added 'skip encoding unchanged frames' option to
dosbox.conf. If set, AVI video capture will skip
video frame compression if the frame has not changed
from the previous frame. Option is off by default
at this time in case it causes any issues with users
and their video editing software.

Download: DOSBox-X v0.82.23 (2019/10/31)
Source: Here

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